Most Bizarre Film…

Even though it had been some time since I had last watched a really good movie, I decided to just scroll down the list on imdb Top 250 to see what movies I had watched. As I went down the list, I noticed something peculiar and “out of place.” This movie, which I had watched a few years ago was most certainly not what the rating I believed it should have received. The movie was called Donnie Darko, directed by Richard Kelly with the popular actor today named Jake Gyllenhaal, who was in the movie called “Brothers” a few months ago. I kept on thinking about it, and wondered why it was placed 125th on the all-time Top movies list. Was it truly as good as the rating were? Well, when rating a movie based on entertainment and storyline this movie would have been thought as the rating of around 4 to 5. Unlike the “normal” movies, this movie could be thought as of different genre. If one looks at the bizarreness and the artistic “movements” in the movie, then they will surely find it as truly great.

Like one has stated as their review on,
“Probably the best thing about this movie, though, is its incredible emotional range. It manages to inspire hope, love, dread, laughter, and tears at different points throughout the movie without making you feel least bit like there is a contradiction between those states.” This movie could be thought as a very unique experience and one that many people would never even notice. With the bizarre storyline, and unusual characters, this movie deserves to be noticed as one truly different movie ever.




Scary. Horrifying. The movie called Seven is one of the movies that I never want to watch again. Was it great? Yes. But the evil and gore that fills within the movie forces me to never want to watch the movie ever again.
It was truly a great movie though, with a very popular cast list. The famous actors in the movie were Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Gwyneth Paltrow. From the start to the end, it was an eye-opener that can’t be described in words. It delivered some sort of promised suspense all throughout from beginning to end. It seems quite old because it was filmed in 1995, but I believed that this “old-feeling” had helped people notice iss greatness of the movie during its era. After I had watched the movie, I thought to myself, “Is this based on a true story?” If it was… then these series of crimes would have shown the dangerousness of this world and the amount of evil each person possessed.

I asked my father what he had thought of the movie and his response was, “A tremendously great movie that I would never watch again.”
The whole movie consists of graphic gore and horror of killing and frightening scenes. I would recommend this movie, but only for those who wish to know more about the Seven Deadly Sins and wanting to have a frightening night.

The summary of the movie written by Mark Fleetwood on
“A film about two homicide detectives’ desperate hunt for a serial killer who justifies his crimes as absolution for the world’s ignorance of the Seven Deadly Sins. The movie takes us from the tortured remains of one victim to the next as the sociopathic “John Doe” sermonizes to Detectives Sommerset and Mills — one sin at a time. The sin of Gluttony comes first and the murderer’s terrible capacity is graphically demonstrated in the dark and subdued tones characteristic of film noir. The seasoned and cultured Sommerset researches the Seven Deadly Sins in an effort to understand the killer’s modus operandi while green Detective Mills scoffs at his efforts to get inside the mind of a killer.”


Baby Spirit Kills All

As I was searching for movies the other day at my house, my eyes seemed to drift to one section of my small cozy, “storage area” in the south section of my house. As I slowly took it out of the shelf, the cover.. brought all the devastating memories back from seven years ago. I still remember most of the scenes, since the whole movie was basically horror.

It was the movie that forced me to stay next to my parents every single minute for two weeks. Everywhere I went, I would take my parents along with me, even into the bathrooms. In most cases I was forced to pull all my courage in within me to do certain deeds such as walking up the stairs and turning on the lights. Every single day of the two weeks was left in pain and devastation in the hopes that I wouldn’t be killed by a spirit that was roaming around the building. To make the situation worse, I was left to sleep in a room, in my aunt’s house of literally fifty dolls placed in the shelves. Every night I would try to find a corner, where I believed I would have been safe from spirits and dolls that would slowly move their positions and their large white and black eyes.

The movie changed me, but there was a critical “hit” that had made me scared of spirits anywhere I went. As a third grader without any knowledge of spirits and ghosts it was frightening enough to watch a rated R movie (US) or 15years or older (Korea) movie, but added to that was my uncle and aunt recalling their experiences with spirits. They actually seemed to believe in spirits and would tell me of their experiences with some of them. They told me of superstitious ideas of what occurs when a person sees a spirit and the actions that would need to be taken to chase the spirit away.

This movie was called “Ju-On” or famously known as “The Grudge.” Many Americans have watched “The Grudge” and would have said that it wasn’t scary at all, but the Japanese version called “Ju-On” could be noticed as a movie which had the effect of three people dead from shock. It is truly one of the scariest movies that I have ever seen and worth watching for those viewers who wants to have a “thrill” in their lives.

A brief summary of the movie can be found

One of the many scary scenes from the movie


Romance. Love. Once?

As I climbed back on my bed on a Friday night, I wondered what movie I should watch.. Hmm.. Should I watch action? Mystery? Horror? Thriller? I noticed that I had about never watched a good romantic movie. Since it was late at night and since I wanted some “calmness” in my life, I decided to watch a romantic movie called Once. I would be noticed as the person without a life, never having been on a date and not really knowing what the term “love” stands for. Romance movies always seemed like a waste of time to the precious hours of my life, but this was different. It was rated pretty high on with amazed reviews from people all over the world, so I decided to use my two hours on a Friday night to watch the movie Once.

Even though some people may not have watched the movie, the soundtrack seems to be very popular in our daily lives. The song called Falling Slowly, which was created quickly because of the movie’s low budget had won an Oscar in the category of Original Song. A great short song with short, but meaningful lyrics that is capable of moving people’s emotions and feelings.

Falling Slowly
The movie too is great. As I’ve heard my summaries to be a bit boring, I’ve found a good summary written by Charles Delacroix for those who are at least slightly interested in watching the movie.
“An (unnamed) Guy is a Dublin guitarist/singer-songwriter who makes a living by fixing vacuum cleaners in his Dad’s Hoover repair shop by day, and singing and playing for money on the Dublin streets by night. An (unnamed) Girl is a Czech who plays piano when she gets a chance, and does odd jobs by day and takes care of her mom and her daughter by night. Guy meets Girl, and they get to know each other as the Girl helps the Guy to put together a demo disc that he can take to London in hope of landing a music contract. During the same several day period, the Guy and the Girl work through their past loves, and reveal their budding love for one another, through their songs.”


It is probably one of the few romantic movies that I would recommend to the public. This movie is certainly one of the best romantic movies of the decade. Hope this wasn’t too boring, and wait to read my next post in a week!

Sports Player.. Based on a True Story

The typical movie about sports would be a team that isn’t that good but improves to become the champions at the end. The movie that I watched is quite different. The movie is called Blindside, directed by John Lee Hancock. It is an Oscar winning movie a decently high rated one on of 7.7 out of 10. Even though I generally like movies related to sports, I liked this movie for a different reason. It was because of the emotional “movements” inserted into the movie. To explain what it really means, I would need to tell the synopsis of the movie.

A short synopsis of the movie would be, a homeless, traumatized African American high school student becomes adopted by a kind and generous family after noticing the hardships that the student is going through. Being over six feet and overweight, he is noticed right away in the Caucasian populated community. He later becomes a high school football star and noticed as one of the best in the whole nation. For the longer synopsis, go to

This movie was based on a true story of the Baltimore Ravens offensive left tackle named Michael Oher, who was an All-American Football Player in high school. This movie was moving my emotions unlike any of the other movies related to sports. When noticing that it was based on a real story, I noticed how generous certain people in the world are, to help the people in need disregarding the gender, race, or even personality.


Classical Music is Fun to WATCH!

When I was around seven years old, I started to learn the piano. Three years later, I learned to play the violin. The years of my childhood were enjoyable and playful. I had a tremendous amount of ambition and motivation in the field of music. Instrumental music was able to move my feelings and I was able to distinguish why certain types of classical music became popular, while the other ones didn’t. As my heart moved to classical music, at the age of ten, around the time I started to play the violin, my dad pulled out a LD, or a Laser Disk, which were those huge CD’s that people used around twenty years ago. By the projector, my dad and I watched the movie Amadeus, which was basically the movie about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s life.

Even though the movie is a fiction, not a biography, it gives the steps that Mozart took to become one of the greatest composers in history. Mozart is shown as the musical genius who would surprise everyone with his skills with the piano. Having written over seven sonatas at the age of nine and over 200 musical compositions, he is best remembered for the songs and opera, The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni.

The movie is based around an plot about Antonio Salieri who wishes to be as good as Mozart so that he would be able to praise the Lord through his compositions. One thing that he can’t understand is why God favors Mozart by giving Mozart talents above and beyond him. Salieri’s envy has made him an enemy of God whose greatness was evident in Mozart. He is set to take revenge through Mozart.

The movie may seem very boring for “non-classical music-liking” people, but it is one of those movies that can be enjoyed without really understanding the background information. It was made in 1984, but is a classic and also a favorite for many people all over the world. I recommend this film to people who want to know more about composers and also people who play an instrument.

Shutter… Island….

A movie to watch. A great plot, and an unbelievable ending. Shutter Island, directed by Martin Scorsese also directed the movies, The Aviator and The Departed. When I watched the first five minutes of the movie, I wondered… Why is this movie rated so high on The old effects to make the movie like one from 1954 (the setting), seemed too much of an exaggeration. There are a lot of movie rating on that I don’t really trust such as the movie Little Miss Sunshine.. I thought the movie sucked because it had no real storyline and the events inside the movie were terribly boring. Well, for Shutter Island, while the beginning seemed to be boring and kind of slow, it was overall a fantastic movie. I think it is one of the best movies so far in the year 2010.

While I hated the “old” setting effect of the whole movie, like all great movies, the storyline was unbelievably fascinating and fun to watch. Leonardo Di Caprio was incredible with his role as Teddy Daniels, a U.S. Marshall who comes to an island called Shutter Island in order to investigate the disappearance of a female criminal of the mental “hospital.” His partner and him work on the conflict, but by the end of the movie, everything changes. Everyone who had watched the movie was probably surprised and was “Wowed” by the ending. For those who haven’t watched the movie yet, it’s highly recommended because it has a really good storyline with the amazing ending that makes the impression of the “huh?” on their faces. It’s a great thriller, mystery, and bits of action that helped it rank 222 out of the top 250 movies on


Who Wants to Be A Millionare? (In India)

These days, the movies with creative storylines, and heartbreaking plots seem to be rated the highest in the movie industry. Squished on my bed with my Macbook, I watched a movie that was one of the two categories that had helped it become a great success. Turning off the lights, I sat down on my bed with the blankets over my legs and watched Slumdog Millionaire. From the start, I had became highly interested in the movie. Just anything related to money and a happy ending was what I had wanted from watching this movie. From the start to end, this was a movie that had kept my interest. Each scene seemed to be worthwhile, and there never was a time where I had wanted to just close the lid and stop wasting my time watching the movie. Even though I was wasting my sleeping hours, I knew that it was worthwhile, so I had my eyes opened wide throughout the whole movie.

As my summaries and synopsis of previous movies were a bit dull.. I decided to recommend everyone this movie by the summary written by Fox Searchlight Pictures

The movie, even though a lot of movie doesn’t seem to be invested in it, it is still a great movie for everyone of all ages to watch. For those who still don’t believe that the movie is interesting… Well, for males, this movie has a pretty actress of the name Freida Pinto, who I thought was
quite pretty, and for females, well, you girls will just have to trust me on my descriptions for this one.

Beyond Words…

As I was researching facts on World War II, I suddenly remembered one of the most memorable movies in my “pre-addict” times, which was when I had only watched movies with my family and friends. It is a movie that I had recommended to almost everyone who hadn’t watched it before. I am not the type to get moved by movies, but this movie certainly did beyond what I had expected. The movie is called The Pianist, directed by Roman Polaski.It was a movie that had won three Oscars and another 20 awards for it’s reality of the people in Poland and Germany during World War II.

The story tells a great deal of truth of the cruel lives of the European countries during the war, due to Germany having a great deal of power in many nations all over the continent. It is based on a true story of a great pianist named Wladyslaw Szpilman. The story starts with a brilliant pianist, who witnesses the restrictions of the Nazi over the Jewish populations in the Polish capital. As the area available for the Jewish population becomes smaller and smaller, and the prices of resources becoming much more expensive, him and his family feel the pressure that needs to be dealt with. His family gets deported to the concentration camps, and he is left to survive in the capital city. He receives help from his previous friends in Germany, and survives through countless years of the war.

The basic summary is very simple, a man who lives through the devastating War, but the events that occur in the scenes are what I believe make the movie so special. While the movie shows many scenes of deaths by the acts of the German military, there were also many parts where several Germans seemed to be helping the Jews, noticing the evil in the acts and the war.

This is one of the movies that I would rate 10/10, right under Memento and highly recommended for people above fifteen, because of the violence and gore that is shown. It is just unbelievable, how much the people were discriminated and punished for a crime they did not commit.


Some very memorable scenes (They are very depressing..)

Defuse IT QUICK!

Just a few days ago, I watched a recent movie, which was very different from the movie posted earlier. A very serious, and compelling movie I would say. Having won 70 awards, and nominated for NINE Oscars, it is definitely on my recommended list of movies. It’s a very recent movie, only fully releasing it in the United States by February of 2010. Imaging the movie as real situations occurring in Iraq, I respected the soldiers there protecting the country even more. It just felt sad that they were risking their lives everyday for a protection of a country that is not theirs.

To give a brief summary of the movie, after a bomb sergeant had died from trying to defuse a bomb, a new member came in to take his place in the group. Three men of the names William James, Sanborn, and Eldrige go through countless bomb defusing acts where there are intense amounts of suspense scenes holding the viewers closer and closer to the screen. Every mission seems to be a risk of one’s life.

There are spectacular scenes with action scenes beyond the normal. The trailer should definitely be seen, as I believe it is one of the best out there today for movies. This movie moved me to notice the seriousness of the situations for the soldiers and the reality that we are living today.

To give an insight to real world soldiers who defuse bombs, a cnn video interviews several soldiers in Iraq upon the situations that they are given.

While many people, including myself believe that the movie is based on true facts of everyday soldiers today, there are many controversies on the reality that the movie shows. The controversy starts from 3:40.

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